Photographer female

body me

body me - © Jaya Suberg

Hiroshima mon amour

Hiroshima mon amour - © Jaya Suberg

Lena des fleurs

Lena des fleurs - © Jaya Suberg

ergriffen rot das Tuch,mixtechnik on107x78/ 2014

ergriffen rot das Tuch,mixtechnik on107x78/ 2014 - © Jaya Suberg

way of

way of - © Jaya Suberg

on my knees again

on my knees again - © Jaya Suberg

inside circle

inside circle - © Jaya Suberg


stars - © Jaya Suberg


stay - © Jaya Suberg


Camille - © Jaya Suberg


M.O.L - © Jaya Suberg


Divaa- - © Jaya Suberg

the other angle

the other angle - © Jaya Suberg

When mysticism breathes ..

light darkArt

When the yearning embraces us, we know of the sweet pain that does not want to be released. Jaya Suberg draws us under the surface of all assumptions in a sensitive manner. The hidden becomes visible. We should look in; dive in for all desperate expectations and imposed veils to drop, to free us tolerated evils. Jaya Suberg - for me one of the
most significant digital artists – moves us with pure emotion. The human body
is her subject, sensitively composed with depleted color within an
intra-psychic atmospheric space. The relationship between form and content is flawlessly implemented in the surreal works – to the viewer the space appears posteriori. Condition and conditional - memory and body – fascinate in a hypnotizing manner. Jaya often closes the eyes of the inviting yet inaccessible photographed models [ what’s up with all the trumpery of vanities? ]. We are aware that with the disappearance of light, the eye-sight, the attention is directed into ourselves, that is the fear.
And the artist calls forth this introspection, delineation the world, devotion to the I.
The dreaded vanitas undergoes a confrontation with Eros and beauty -
the concurrent consequence: every beauty will fade [ run, baby, run ].
Tension and softness mark the artist’s sensual aesthetic. At times
dance and the loss of control promise acceptance of all things rejected [ supply
resisted ]. At other times, the image surface is marred [ cross lines ]. There is an emergence the spatial depth [ and stirs so strangely smooth ],
but more often it is a liberating sinking. Love for the subject, for the character, is immediately recognizable – Jaya never photographs a person without empathy and resonance. The visually embodied search to deactivate the filter (mind) demands perfectly composed designs by creative digital editing of her own photographs.